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We At Hartley Leadlights  Aim is to provide you with a full LEADLIGHT or GLASS service that incorporates quality workmanship with real value for money. 

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Custom Designed Mirrors
Mirrors can be made in so many different colours, shapes, framed or unframed etc. that it seems to be just bounded by your imagination

Safety Glass
     Hartley Glass and Leadlights operates using only the most recognized safety glass in the market place. Safety glass generally means any glass used to reduce the risk of accidents arising from sudden impacts & shattering, fractures, on-going stress, or fire. Toughened and Laminated glasses are forms of "safety" glass.

Comfort Glass
Comfort safety glass consists of
tempered safety glass double-coated .
and provides excellent, Thermal performance
and protects against the sun's fade causing rays.
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Leadlights Made and Repaired....

Mirrors Made to Order....

Glass Cut To Size

Glass Beveling and Polishing....

      We take pride in offering our clients the best in LEADLIGHTS that create privacy or tranquillity.
Our skilled craftsman will take all the measurements without any guesswork then develop a design that will meet your wants and needs.
An ideal alternative to window coverings, LEADLIGHT adds value,and artistic flair to your decor and offers homeowners privacy without losing natural light.
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